Exclusive E-Books

Transformation Starts Here...

The Exclusive E-Books were written to Guide You  Through Your Transformation. To Help You Step Up  Your Style, Simplify Your Skin  Care Routines and Grow a Meaningful Connection with Your Partner.

"Who Do You

Wanna Be Tonight?"

A Complete Style Strategy & How-To Fashion Guide

Wardrobe Elements For Outfit Coordination

-Basic Clothing Items Needed For Each Style

-Sleepwear For Each Style

-Trendy Pieces Needed To Complete Each Style

-Outerwear Ideas 

-Jewelry & Accessories To Finish Each Style

-Shades and Artistry of Makeup Needed

-Hairstyles Worn For Each Style


"Who You Wanna Be Tonight"


Your Style Personality With Easy GRID GRAPHIC


Other Style Personalities and BE...


Couples Connection

10 Pages of Tips To Grow A Deeper Connection

Always Had a Desire for a Meaningful Connection?

Spark The Fire Tonight!

Sensual, Fun & A Lil' Edgy!

Guaranteed To Build A Lasting Bond In Your Relationship.

Lancome Skin Care Guide

Luxurious Products, Easy Skin Care Routine

Step Inside The World of Lancome, with This Indulgent Skin Care Regimen.


It Showcases the 5 Step Facial Routine and Products Developed To Ease Wrinkles, Enhance Your Natural Glow, and Anti-Aging Properties that Erase the Effects of Time.

Want Free Makeup & Skin Care All Year?

Get My Insider Secrets From the cosmetics counter!...Plus

Weekly How-To videos, fashion tips, and simple beauty routines!


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Exclusive E-Books                                                                               

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