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Beauty Profile Masterclass

Beauty Profile Image Master class
fashion class tips

Masterclass Instruction Video

Day 1- Color Analysis

Color Analysis Instructions
Cool Skin Undertone color analysis card
Warm skin undertone color analysis card

 Print Color Analysis Cards

Cool Color Card (Pink)

Warm Color Card (Orange)

Color Analysis Instruction Video

Cool color analysis swatch card
warm color analysis swatch card

Print Color Swatch Cards

Cool Color Swatch Card

Warm Color Swatch Cards

Day 2- Body Type

Body type quiz instructions

Body Type
Instruction Video

hourglass & wedge body types
rectangle & triangle body types

 Print Your Body Type Card & Wardrobe Tips

Hourglass Body Type Card

Rectangle Body Type Card

Wedge Body Type Card

Triangle Body Type Card

fashion & style tips

Day 3- Facial Shapes

facial shape instructions

Facial Shape
Instruction Video

facial shape quiz
square & round facial shapes
oval rectangle heart facial shape

1. Square Facial Shape

Square Face Shape

 Print Square Facial Shape

Tips For Glasses & Hairstyles

Square Glasses hair tips

 Print Square Facial Tips

2. Round Facial Shape

Round Face Shape

 Print Round Facial Shape

Tips For Glasses & Hairstyles

Round Glasses hair tips

 Print Round Facial Tips

3. Oval Facial Shape

Oval Face Shape.jpg

 Print Oval
Facial Shape

Tips For Glasses & Hairstyles

Oval Glasses hair tips

 Print Oval
Facial Tips

4. Rectangle Facial Shape

Rectangle Face Shape

 Print Rectangle
Facial Shape

Tips For Glasses & Hairstyles

Rectangle Glasses hair tips

 Print Rectangle Facial Tips

5. Heart Facial Shape

Heart Face Shape

 Print Heart
Facial Shape

Tips For Glasses & Hairstyles

Heart Shaped Glasses hair tips

 Print Heart Facial Tips

Day 4-Fashion Personality

fashion tips
7 types fashion personalities

Fashion Personality 
Instruction Video

Beauty Profile
fashion style personality quiz
fashion personality quiz
fashion tips
fashion e book instructions
fashion e book 7 styles

 Print Fashion Grid

who do you wanna be tonight e book
Beauty Profile
fashion e book

 Print Full Fashion E-Book 

Beauty Profile

 Print Complete
Beauty Profile

Thank you Beauty Profile Masterclass.

Bonus Downloads

Brow Tips

Brow Tips

 Print Brow Tips

Wardrobe Tips

fahion tips

 Print Wardrobe Tips

Color Wheel


 Print Color Wheel

10 Commandments of Style

fashion tips

 Print 10 Commandments of Style

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