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Day 1-

Exfoliating Facial Microdermabrasion

This Video shares Beauticontrol Cosmetics Rotating Scrub Tool, but you an Find these Tools at Target, Walmart, or any drugstore usually. There are many different scrubs on the market, so just look to find the one for Exfoliating. 

Skin has to be exfoliated every week for maximum benefit, and to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful. No amount of Makeup can cover, it will just sit in the cracks & wrinkles of your skin.

Print or Download Instructions

The Beauticontrol Products are only available through previous consultants, as they are no longer in Business under that Brand. Ebay, Amazon, and Facebook has lots of these products for sale, so you can look into buying either the Rotating Scrub Tool, or the Beauticontrol Appeal (Microdermabrasion)  

This Product acts as a MINI FACE-LIFT, and can take 10 teays off your skin! This is the reason I made this video, and want to share this product!

Day 2-

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Paul Mitchell has a wide array of the best hair care products out there! If you haven't heard his rags to riches story, check it out on You-Tube!

Awapuhi is a fruit that grows natural in Hawaii, and it has Moisturizing benefits for your hair. It is Keratin based, so that is a reconstructor. Meaning it will help build up the outer layer of your hair to help with dry, split ends.

Keratin has kind of a bounce back effect, so using too much, too often will only dry your hair out more. I recommend using only once a week. Use your regular conditioner daily.

Paul Mitchell Products are sold at any Paul Mitchell Salon or School. I have also seen a few at Ulta Beauty Supply. 

There are so many different lines of products that are awesome, so I suggest going on the Paul Mitchell Website and checking out all the awesome products they offer.

Print or Download Instructions

Day 3-

Tanning Products

The Products I'm sharing today are my Beauticontrol Body Satin Spray...aka My "Goddess Spray". I call it that because it gives you the shimmer effect on your skin that makes even the pastiest skin look darker and more vibrant!

It is a Moisturizing Oil Spray that absorbs quickly, and gives tour skin a radiant 'GLOWING" effect. So it's a double benefit product!

The second product I'm sharing is Jergens Natural Glow Self Tanning Lotion. It is the best self-tanner I've tried in years of product reviews. It has an easy application, and doesn't make you orange like so many other tanners. Now they have a range of colors to help match your exact skin tone.

Like I stated earlier, Beauticontrol can only be purchased through Ebay, Amazon or Facebook, unless you know a previous consultant that still has inventory. They are no longer doing business under that Brand Name.

The Jergens Natural Glow Lotion can be bought through any retail store or online.

How To Apply Self-Tanners

For Best Results

PDF Instructions

Day 4- 

Swimsuits for your body type

Look your best this Summer in the right Swimsuits for your Body Type. There are lots of Blogs online that cover this topic more in depth, so check them out!

This Video I'm sharing has the MAin Body Types, and the Swimsuits that flatter those figures the best.

The Blog has Pictures and Examples of each Swimsuit style as SHown on My favorite Fashion Website VENUS.COM.

Venus.com has the best quality Fashion that I've found. They are a little pricey, but you get what you pay for, and the quality is well worth the prices you pay. Their return policy is awesome, and they offer LOTS OF DIFFERENT STYLES, PRICES, AND they still send out a CATALOGUE! You just don't see that anymore!


The Swimsuit I bought this year is in the Video, and it cost me $26 for the top, and $24 for the bottoms. Yessss, they allow you to buy the individual pieces so you can B.Y.O.B. ( Build Your Own Bathing Suit). So if you are a different size on the bottom that you are on top, you can build the perfect SWIMSUIT that fits your body exactly! That is why I chose this Brand!

Best Swimsuits for your body type

Body Type Quiz

Day 5-

Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub Foot Treatment

Yes, I am partial to Lancome, as a Lancome Beauty Advisor, I have had lots of experience with loads of wonderful products.

The Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub is one of my favorites! The Rose Sugar Products are just one Product line carried by Lancome. Check out your local Lancome Counter and they will be glad to show you all the products and even give you FREE SAMPLES  of any product!

The Foot Scrub Treatment was part of my Beauticontrol years, even though I used a similar process working as a Cosmetologist working in the Salon.

The exfoliating for your skin is the most important for your skin, and this process can be slightly modified for facial, hand treatment, body, and feet.. The process is the same, but the products for the face are gentler.

Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub Foot Treatment instructions

Thank you all so much for joining me this week! have a great summer!

Much Love,


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