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My Story...

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Yes, I'm a girly girl, a wife, a mom, and Nana! I love life, live  my passion, and create memorable moments. From dressing Barbie dolls with clothes my momma used to sew, to using my allowance to buy a "SEVENTEEN" magazine, I knew then, I'd found my passion!


Being transplanted to California after my parent's divorce, I was exposed to a different lifestyle! Dorothy you're not in Kansas Anymore! HOT FASHION TRENDS, BEACH LIFE, AND GLAMOUR magazine. I was in heaven!


Fast forward to HAIR DESIGN SCHOOL  and LANCOME, which have helped me pursue my passion!


Years as a RETAIL merchandiser enabled me to dress life size Barbies! How fun is that? 


I have worked hard, and now hope to EMPOWER women to EMBRACE their beauty, and give them the tools to do it!


Women empower women! LET ME EMPOWER YOU!!

"I give you the tools, but the transformation is up to you!"

Much Love...


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