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Monday, July 29, 2019



$10 OFF $25?....Sounds good right?..Sounds "Yes", Good "No"

As a major retail merchandiser, I have found the scam! 5 of the leading major retail stores are in lawsuits as we speak, just for that reason. 

YES there is a major SCAM, and it's growing in popularity. Mark-ups on items just to make you think there is a discount or savings, happens in many major markets.

The NEW scam is COUPONS for discounts on prices that were never sold at that price anyway. That's the reason for lawsuits right now.

I have seen first-hand, customers lining up at door for prize coupons HOURS before the store opens! They do it to get coupons on products they were never intending to buy until they were sent a coupon!

Then upon entering the store, they are told of restrictions, hidden fine print, and hidden agenda's. I have watched many customers leave frustrated! My apologies as an employee were not helping!

Retail mark-ups are obvious, YES. China serves many retailers, as do other 3rd world countries. What happened to MADE IN THE U.S.A?

As retail customers, we CAN make a difference! Buy American, and while you're at it, small business entrepreneurs work twice as hard for a satisfied customer, and many times, much better quality products!...

Many small businesses will go the extra mile, and provide the excellent customer service you won't see in major retail stores. Half the time I shop, I don't even get a "thank you"!

Prices on tags are sky high, and never sold at that price in the inventory! I have seen them discount an "end of season" item, and mark it back up next season!..WHAT?? Really? Who wants to pay a markup on LAST season's goods?

Signage is another issue. So many people fail to read the FINE PRINT. And they count on that.

So how can we know if we're getting a DEAL?

1..Do your research on their normal everyday prices.

2..Check out competitors, online, and big box stores.

3..Ask the sales agent what the price usually is.

4..Read the fine print on ALL ads, they are there, I PROMISE.

5..Do you really need it?...Did you plan on buying it anyway?

6..Is there a better, higher quality version elsewhere? 

Happy shopping!!


My new favorite outfit! It was bought online!


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