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Personalized Skin Care Products & Solutions

Makeup Routines Inspired by Trending Techniques

Fashion Guides to Enhance Your Unique Style

Lifestyle & Love Ideas Just For Fun!

My E-books and Mini-Courses

Offer Step-by-Step Guidance for your Beauty Journey.

"Who Do You Wanna Be Tonight?" Fashion


-Determine Your Fashion Personality

-Learn Wardrobe Elements for Each Personality

-Hair, Makeup, Jewelry for Each Personality

Glow & Know Cosmetics Expiration Guide

-100 Skin Care Cosmetics Listed

- Expiration Dates By Dermatology Board

-Safety and Cleanliness

-Handy, Take-with-You Guide

Lancome Skin Care Guide

-Indulgent Lancome Skin Care

- Showcases 5 Skin Care Routines

-Anti-Aging Products and Routines

-Personalized Skin Care

Cupcake Outfit Coordination

-3 Easy Steps for Outfit Planning

-Get Dressed in 15 Minutes or Less

-Learn Fashion Tips and Organization

-Save Time and Money

Work, Weekend, Wow! - A Look Book

-Work, Weekend, Wow! Outfit Ideas

-Images Inspired By 7 Fashion personalities

-25 Outfit Ideas for Every Fashion Personality

-Loads of Look Book Inspiration

Skin Care Essentials Guide

-Complete List For Every Woman's Needs

-Easy Print and Go Guide

-Product Uses and Recommendations

- Shop for Personal Favorites

Complete Natural Woman Workbook

-A Holistic Transformatiom

- Mind, Body, Soul Connection

-Wellness lessons Enhance Living

-Explore Logical, Creative, and Emotional Too

Parisian Chic- The Art of Elegant Dressing

-Parisian Dressing-Simple, Elegant, Refined

-7 Key Wardrobe Pieces and How to

-Look Book Outfit Ideas

-7 Key steps To Building A Perfect Wardrobe

Passion Playbook Desire & Connection

-Love Connection Week- Playful Ideas

-Fun and Sexy Date Night Ideas

- Men, Get The Girl You Want

- When in Trouble- Tips from a Professional

Glow Getters Guide

Summer Skin All Year

-Get Glowing Skin Step-by-Step

-Choosing the Right Skin Care Products

-The Right Skin Care Tool Recommendations

What's Your Skin Type? Quiz

-Disvocer Your Personal Skin Type

- Product recommendations

- Skin Care Routines Featured

-Personal Analysis Included Questions

100 Skin Care Insider Secrets + Products

-Little Known Secrets

- Preventative Steps You Can Take

- Product Recommendations

- Skin Care Tools Recommended

Hi, I'm Kim


Lancome Beauty Advisor... Cosmetologist and Paul Mitchell Product Specialist

I hope to EMPOWER women to EMBRACE their beauty, and give them the tools to do it!


"I give you the tools, but the transformation is up to you!"

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These are more than just resources

Enhance Your Transformation

With A Mini-Course...

Affordable, Quick Results, Instant Access

Get Free Makeup & Skin Care All Year

-4 Days of Easy Lessons

-Each Day with Video Instruction

-Printable Tip Sheet For Each Day

-Links and Resources

-Workbook Included

- Calendar and Schedule Included

- All Lessons Available for Download

Beauty Profile-

Image and Style

-Customized Color Analysis

-Learn the 5 Elements of Style-

-Create Your Signature Look

-Body Type and Facial Shape

-"Who Do You Wanna be Tonight?" E-Book Included

- All Downloads Available

The Healing Journey

Broken Peices To a Fulfilled Life

-5 Days of Depth Lessons

-Each Day with Video Instruction

-Printable Workbook

-Links and Resources

-Workbook Included with Book Recommendations

- All Lessons Available for Download

Embrace Your Transformation...

I Give You The Tools...But The Transformation Is Up To You

Start doing what you ENVISIONED...

Take small steps everyday to

ENHANCE the best version of yourself!

Once your TRANSFORMATION is Complete


and you will feel more confident, inside and out.

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Cosmetics Expiration Dates Checklist

100 Cosmetics Featured

Safety First: A checklist helps keep track of makeup and skincare products to make sure they're safe to use and not expired. This is important to avoid skin problems.

Using Things Wisely: With a checklist, you can use products before they expire, getting the most out of them, avoiding repeat purchases.

"I Give You The Tools...but The Transformation Is Up To You!